Graphic Design

Alot of people think just because graphic design can be done on a computer that it is quick and easy work.  Well guess what, they are wrong. Graphic Design takes a great amount of skill and not everyone can do it.  Just because someone installed Photoshop on your computer does NOT make you a designer.

1. Society needs Graphic Design.

Every company in the world has some sort of graphic design involved within their company.  Whether it is the brochure that your picking up from the store, the menu you look at when ordering dinner, or the post card you got in the mail promoting your casino free slot plays.  It is everywhere.  And all companies cannot live and function with out us.  It has been proven in the past that the more you advertise the more you get in return.  And it has also been proved that if you stop advertising no matter how big of a company you have or how well known your company is that you will slowly see a decrease in sales.

Seriously now, Graphic Design is the sole foundation of any company.  If you have a crock pot and looking to make a great meal you would need all the ingredients in order to achieve the “Great” meal.

2. Digging into a Logo.

The logo is the identity.  Like human beings, our name is our identity.  This is crucial.  Branding a company cannot be done with out Graphic Design.  Sure a company can have an inside marketing team, but this can only go so far.

Brand Identity is what your consumer see’s you as.  Its very important to get this right, in the beginning.  You want your customers to visual know who you are and remember you with a positive and effective memorable feeling.  There are Graphic Designers in the today world that solely specialize in just this.

3. Layout.

Understanding the layout of design is so important.  You really have to know why and how you choose the layout your running with.  If your layout isn’t correctly understood, the read could totally miss the message and your advertising dollars just went down the drain.  One typical standard layout that has a huge proven impact is the “Z” layout.  The “Z” layout, for those that do not know, is a layout in which the structure is in the for of the letter Z.  Usually in this order: Headline, Photo, Caption, Copy, Signature.  If your layout follows this pattern on the page then you have correctly followed the “Z” layout.  By nature the human eye tends to follow this pattern when they look at an advertisement. 

Layouts usually end with a signature that informs the reader with a contact information section.  This in obvious reasoning allows them to find more information about your product or service and to follow through with action resulting in a lead.

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